Sunday, January 30, 2011

Snowmageddon 2011

If you know me at all, you know I am the go to girl for weather.  I have had my friends call  me and ask me "whats the weather supposed to be like this weekend, we didn't get a chance to watch." I'm always watching the weather on a local channel or tuned into The Weather Channel and have 2 different weather apps on my phone. I'm obsessed.
On December 31st, 2010 there was a tornado outbreak here in the Mississippi River Valley and I could not be pulled away from my computer or T.V. I was like a kid on Christmas morning.  Now, they're calling for a historic snow storm for 29 states.  Missouri and Illinois are the bullseye for this massive low pressure system coming up from the southwest.  I can seriously, hardly contain my excitement.   The thing everyone is agreeing to; take the Blizzard from 1982

and the ice storm of 2006

and combine them into one.  That is what in the forecast for us Monday-Wednesday.   For the purpose of remembering, I took a picture of our SUV outside today.  I will update with a new picture after it's all said and done

Friday, January 28, 2011


A very dear friend of mine, Natosha is having her very first giveaway!  I was very excited to see that she was having one (so I can enter, and b/c she has basically taught me everything I know about blogging and cloth diapering).  Her blog SevenOneSix, is the "everything" blog.  Anything from DIY, Crafts, Cloth Diapering and her adorable little boy; plus much more.

Her giveaway is sponsored by Brittany from Love Stitched.  This is an awesome shop on Etsy.  This girl has talent and there is something for everyone- with AMAZING prices.

The item being used for the giveaway is one of these rings in one of the colors that you choose! I love the bold yet calm colors to choose from.  Even if I don't win the giveaway, I'll probably have to buy something from Brittany's shop!

Stella Rings from Love Stitched

So go on over to SevenOneSix and enter yourself in Natosha's FIRST giveaway!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

2 Month appointment

Cecelia had her 2 month appointment today.  We knew what we were up for before going in...shots.  I hate when she gets shots.  Like every parent seeing your child cry makes your heart hurt (your head, too. But lets save that for another day, shall we?)  She had to get 2 of them and you would have thought someone just punched her in the face.  I've never heard cries like that come out of her little lungs.  I foresee a drama queen in our future.

Weight: 9.12lbs (25-50%)
Length: 21.4in.  (25-50%)

She's also been extremely gassy lately which means I have to cut dairy out of my diet (this is where I start crying).  I'm not breastfeeding as much as when she was younger, however, even though I am still actually doing it, dairy has to go for 72 hours to make sure she doesn't have a cow milk sensitivity.  We also had to switch her formula to Soy.

How will I live with out dairy? I mean I have to do it, and it is for only 72 hours...but I really really love cheese.  I hope I make it through the next three days.

And because I show off my daughter here are some pictures from today.
This face cracks me up

snuggles with daddy

Before I got the shots

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The War on Cops

Why do people despise LEO's so much? This is one thing I'll never understand.  I know that the majority of people who dislike them so much are people who have a record and the Police Officers are "always out to get THEM."
It's really starting to get to me.  Roughly 800,000 Law Enforcement Personnel go out and put their life on the line every night... and what gets shown for it? 11 officers shot in 24 hours, thats what.
When will this end?

I hope and pray every night that my husband makes it home.  That Cecelia and I will get to see his face in the morning.  I cannot imagine what those families of officers killed in the line of duty are going through.

I can only ask one thing of you- obey the law so my husband can come home at night...please.

C and Jeff on his first night back at work since she was born.  It was a sad day for all of us

Monday, January 24, 2011

One year ago

on Jan. 9th 2010 I got this
That says pregnant, by the way

A year ago today, I said goodbye to that sweet baby growing in my belly.  I'm taking it a lot better than I thought I would, which kind of makes me sad.  
Don't get me wrong- I am so happy I have C and I wouldn't trade her for the world; I wish I could have both of my babies.  What made my September baby not worthy of being with Jeff, Me and his or her sister? (And for anyone who says "It was meant to be" Or "It was God's plan" I have a few select words for you)

"Anniversary's" like this are hard.  This one and 9/21 (EDD of the baby) will always be sad days in our house.  We do have C, but like I said.  We wish both babies could be here.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

2 Months!

My sweet little Baby G is 2, count it 2 Months old today!! I cant believe it!  You know what else I can't believe? She weighs 9.8lbs! Holy cow, what a pig!  I shouldn't be too surprised- all the girl does is eat.  We're certain that 5lbs of that weight is in her cheeks.

Here is my beautiful girl and her 2 month "photo shoot"

See what I mean by 5lbs of cheeks?

Isn't she beautiful?  Time is going by so fast, and she'll be 1 before I know it! Slow down, Little Girl!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

And we're doing it!

Doing what you ask? Making this cute little face...
Get adorable hats like this one at Grandma Made This

...into a fluffy butt!  Thats right, we're starting the Cloth Diaper journey!  Some may think we're crazy, but I don't care. Its what works for us.  If I have to spend a little money to save A LOT of money, then so be it.  Plus, there is nothing that irritates me more than a soggy wet diaper that smells like urine even if it is just a little wizzle.  Maybe its just our disposables but they stink...bad.  

I'm so excited about my diapers that are coming. I'll be sure to post pictures when they get here this week!

Friday, January 7, 2011

1 month pictures (belated)

With all the smiles and fighting of sleep, I have forgotten to post The Little Ladies 1 month pictures.  At least their up before her 2 month ones, right?

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Really, Kid?

She does not sleep when it's just me and her at home.  She fights and fights and fights and then when I think shes asleep and look down at her shes looks like this

Ha, tricked you again!

She then starts fighting again (surprise! like mother like daughter) with her "put me down I don't want you anymore" attitude and she lays there like this
Uhh, I can't see the T.V, lady!

We then repeat pictures one and two for about 2 hours.  But here is the real kicker; when Jeff is home she is like this... immediately

Oh well.  I guess thats what I get since I get to see all her smiles and Jeff has yet to see one.  I'll take the no sleep if she smiles the whole time shes awake, but we've already established she is just like me, haven't we?