Thursday, April 28, 2011

People these days

Okay, I'll admit, I can be judgmental at times...who can't to an extent? (If you say you've never judged people, you're lying)
But I'm starting to get a little fed up with the looks I get from people when I tell them I cloth diaper (CD) Cecelia.  I mean, really?  Why is that so weird?  I can see where people think cloth diapers, they think babies bleeding from being stabbed with safety pins and old school leaky plastic covers.  But that is NOT how it is anymore!  Yes, you can still get prefolds and can use pins, but there are now so many more options than that; All In Ones, All In 2's, Pockets, Hybrids, Fitteds and the list goes on! 

And the BEST part?  They're SO SO SO stinking cute!  

Who can resist a cute little fluffy butt?
I sure can't!

What I think is that when people hear cloth diaper, they only think of poop, which we're parents, thats all we think about anyway.  But, people don't think of the savings, and the waste that is being saved.  

HERE is a calculator to show the savings you can occur by using CD's.  I believe the average is about $3,000 for up to 2.5 years of wear, FOR ONE KID!!!!!  Why wouldn't you want to save that money?
As far as waste goes, if a child gets changed 6 times a day for 2.5 years that is 5600 disposable diapers!  Thats a crazy amount of diapers, all just getting dumped in a landfill.  Crazy!

I know jumping into cloth diapering can be scary, but I'm tired of people giving me the side-eye.  So I have one request, even if you don't have any intention of doing CD's at least read up on it and know that those of us who do choose to CD are not crazy!

HERE is a great place to start reading up on all the info that comes with CD's!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Cutest Baby EVER

Well, I know I have the cutest baby ever, so now the whole world needs to know.  Please take time to vote for Cecelia for a chance to be on the cover of Parents Magazine.

This is the picture in the running

Doesn't she just make you all giddy?

You can vote HERE for her picture.  You must hit "Vote for Me" under her picture, then enter the phrase and hit submit.  Votes do not count if you only hit like.  For extra points from me, like it to your Facebook to get her more votes!

You should also vote for this little man

Gosh.  Isn't he just adorable.  Him and Cecelia are going to make the perfect couple

Casher is also in the running.  I could care less who wins as long as it is one of these sweet little babies.  You can vote for both of them!  You can vote for Casher HERE.  And once again for extra points from Me and Casher's mom, like both of our babies to your Facebook!


Saturday, April 23, 2011

Oh! Well, hello there! Remember me?

I have a SUPER good reason as to why I haven't blogged in 8 years..

Yes, that would be my family. The cast of Grey's Anatomy.  They are the reason I haven't blogged.  If I wasn't playing and taking care of Cecelia, I was watching the drama of Grey's unfold- and I loved every second of it.

During my hiatus we took Cecelia on her first zoo trip! It was ridiculously hot out one Sunday and figured why the heck not?  She was less than amused and stayed awake the whole time until we were five feet from the car on the way back.

She sat like this the entire time....

See what I mean by less than amused?

Jeff does not have a colostomy bag.  Thats his gun...Yes my husband bring his gun to the zoo...pure KLASS! 

 In other news, my Sweet Girl turned 5 months yesterday! 5 WHOLE MONTHS!  I can't believe it.  5 months ago I would have never known that my 6lb 1oz beauty would turn into a bad attitude, hair pulling, fit throwing perfect little girl (I think she's perfect no matter how bad her attitude is, by the way).  Here is some cuteness; hold on to your seats, it'll blow you away!

Notice the messy house behind my blue eyed beauty?  That would be Grey's fault also.

She'll be "real" crawling in no time!

She is pure love.

Now that I am all caught up on Grey's you'll be hearing more from I'm sure you're all excited to know!

P.S.  If you still read/lurk, please comment so I know that you all haven't abandoned me after I fell off the face of the earth! Thanks