Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Cutest Baby EVER

Well, I know I have the cutest baby ever, so now the whole world needs to know.  Please take time to vote for Cecelia for a chance to be on the cover of Parents Magazine.

This is the picture in the running

Doesn't she just make you all giddy?

You can vote HERE for her picture.  You must hit "Vote for Me" under her picture, then enter the phrase and hit submit.  Votes do not count if you only hit like.  For extra points from me, like it to your Facebook to get her more votes!

You should also vote for this little man

Gosh.  Isn't he just adorable.  Him and Cecelia are going to make the perfect couple

Casher is also in the running.  I could care less who wins as long as it is one of these sweet little babies.  You can vote for both of them!  You can vote for Casher HERE.  And once again for extra points from Me and Casher's mom, like both of our babies to your Facebook!